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Carpool to work and back home with friends & neighbors. The taxi & bus alternative.
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Our mission.

Wunder’s mission is to free the world’s most gridlocked cities from traffic by enabling people to conveniently and safely share the empty seats in their cars.


Our team.

The Wunder team consists of experienced tech veterans from a dozen countries. We hope to leave a lasting, positive impact on the cities we operate in as we grow learning new skills and developing the latest technology.


Founding story.

When Gunnar went to grad school he saw a village abandoned as students moved away during the summer. Meanwhile, visitors of a local festival struggled to find a place to stay. Gunnar and his co-founder built a website that allowed anybody to list their space and welcome travelers from around the world. In 2011 they joined forces with Airbnb, opening their first office outside of San Francisco, in Hamburg, Germany. Within only three years Airbnb became the poster child of the sharing economy. In 2014, Gunnar set out to build a community in transportation and help free our cities from unused cars. Backed by investors from San Francisco, New York, Berlin and London the team has built a product that allows anybody to share a ride in the city with people headed in the same direction.


Our vision.

Our vision is a world where moving around even our largest cities becomes easy and affordable. In order to create this more sustainable transportation we aim to build trust among strangers traveling in the same direction and connect them to share rides.


Hamburg, Germany

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